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  • Synoptic Releases Probe for Windows

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    Probe Main Window
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    Sequencer Window
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    The French software company Synoptic (www.synoptic.net) has released PROBE, a real-time, virtual analog synthesizer for Windows-based computers PROBE offers up to 16-voice polyphony, depending on processor speed, with a 100-note arpeggiator, 17-track sequencer, built-in effects, and a vocoder. (More detailed specifications are below.) Real-time performances can also be recorded direct to disk.

    PROBE is designed to reproduce the sounds of the classic synthesizers such as the Minimoog and Prophet V with its proprietary anti-aliasing algorithms. Unlike vintage synthesizers however, PROBE includes full MIDI support so it can be used like a standard sound module, controlled from an external MIDI keyboard or a sequencer. Each button on PROBE's interface can even transmit or receive control change/NRPN messages, allowing for even more control. Users can also customize PROBE's interface by adding background images and altering colors of the buttons.

    The retail price for PROBE is US$199.




    PROBE's real-time synthesizer includes the following modules for each voice (up to 16, depending of the processor):

    3 Oscillators (VCO)

    • Waveforms: sine, triangle, sawtooth 1 & 2, pulse, additive synthesis, live audio input
    • Additive Synthesis, 20 harmonics
    • Analysis / Resynthesis of sounds
    • Morphing between two spectrums, controlled by ADSR or LFO
    • Tuning: octave, coarse, and fine
    • Portamento
    2 Resonant Filters (VCF)
    • Lowpass and highpass modes
    • Bandpass mode using both filters
    • 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 dB/octave slope
    • Resonance and self-oscillation
    • Keyboard tracking
    2 Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO)
    • Waveforms: sine, triangle, sawtooth 1 & 2, pulse, random, live input envelope
    • Additive Synthesis, 20 harmonics
    • Morphing
    • Delay and frequency
    1 Noise Generator (white, pink, brown) 2 Envelopes (ADSR) 1 Modulation Matrix
    • 4 independent links. For each of them:
    • A modulation source (LFOs, ADSRs, VCO3)
    • An external modulation (MIDI Modulation, Velocity, Poly Aftertouch)
    • One or more modulation destinations (VCOs, VCFs, VCA)
    • A modulation amount


    • 16 patterns and 100 steps per song
    • 17 tracks per pattern
    • Analyze and import rhythmic or melodic patterns from MIDI files
    • Tempo from 20 BPM to 360 BPM
    • Mute and Solo modes
    • .WAV files and realtime synthesizer support
    • Free banks of .WAV files including drum kits (TR808, TR909 etc...)
    • Graphic editing of velocities and durations for both .WAV file tracks and synthesizer tracks.
    • For synthesizer tracks, graphic editing of synthesis parameters (resonance of the filter, frequency of the oscillator...)

    Effects Processor

    • Independent for each voice in multi-monophonic mode, up to 3 effects simultaneously
    • Echo with delay, modulation and feedback (for phaser, chorus etc...)
    • Stereo Reverberation (delay & feedback)
    • Distortion (2 algorithms)

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