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    Alesis introduces ADAT StudioPack, a complete digital recording and mixing system in an affordably priced ready-to-go carton. ADAT StudioPack provides everything necessary for digital recording, mixing, effects and dynamics processing in a single box. ADAT StudioPack is comprised of award-winning products from the Alesis line, including the ADAT-LX20, Studio 24, NanoVerb, and NanoCompressor. StudioPack also contains all the cables to connect the system and an instructional video with helpful tips to assemble and take advantage of the system's powerful capabilities. This complete system of professional-quality components, with a value totaling more than $3000, is available to customers for $1999 USD MAP (minimum advertised price).

    "Because Alesis has such a broad product range we can put these quality components together at a really great price," comments Jim Mack, Alesis vice president of sales and marketing. "Each of the units in StudioPack was developed with the same technology that has helped thousands of industry professionals produce top-ten records."

    "The advantage of a component-based system over an all-in-one desktop unit is that it can easily be expanded as the customer's needs grow," said Mark Frederick, Alesis director of sales. "The ADAT is modular and the mixer's numerous inputs and outputs make it possible to connect more equipment over time which helps the dealer maintain a relationship with the customer."

    The ADAT-LX20, an ADAT Type II 20-bit recorder, is compatible with every one of the more than 100,000 ADATs in use today. The Studio 24 recording console offers inline monitoring, so eight channels can be monitored and up to 20 sources can be sent to tape at the same time without repatching the cables. The NanoVerb Digital Effects Processor provides a solid way to add reverb, delay, chorus, flange, and multieffects to mixes. The NanoCompressor Peak/RMS Stereo Compressor/Limiter rounds out the StudioPack with simple, highly effective dynamics processing and limiting.

    The ADAT StudioPack also contains all the cables required to hook up the entire studio system. Two eight-channel RCA snakes to send audio between the ADAT and the Studio 24, two stereo 1/4" cables to send signals to and from the NanoVerb, and two insert cables for connecting the NanoCompressor to the mixer.

    The free StudioPack instructional video includes a step-by-step tutorial. The StudioPack video describes how to assemble the system, explains the use of each component, and gives advice on the best way to begin recording, mixing and processing.

    ADAT StudioPack is scheduled to ship in February 1999.

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