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  • STUDI/O Drivers for NT 4.0 Ready

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    Sonorus, Inc., makers of the award-winning STUDI/O digital audio interface, has released the long-awaited Windows NT4 driver for STUDI/O.

    The NT4 operating system offers STUDI/O user several benefits and options not available from Windows 95. NT4 provides a full 32-bit protected memory environment for 32-bit applications, which reportedly leads to greater stability. When running NT4, STUDI/O users will be able to make use of multi-processor motherboards, which will deliver increased CPU bandwidth for audio plug-ins such as DirectX and VST. Additionally, users will have a wider range of choices for high-speed hard disk access; for example, many RAID disk arrays run only under NT4.

    "With the release of this NT4 driver, Sonorus continues to lead the field in driver support," comments Sonorus Head of Software Engineering Joe Majeske. "We decided to develop an NT4 driver because the release of NT2000 has been delayed and because our users want an NT driver now, especially those in the video post arena."

    STUDI/O is a 16-channel 24-bit digital audio PCI card that allows recording engineers and home studio owners to input/output up to 16 channels of 24-bit digital audio in parallel from a PC or Macintosh to any Alesis Lightpipe-compatible digital audio equipment or SPDIF/optical equipment using standard fiber-optic cables. With the addition of Word Clock in/out and ADAT timecode input via Sonorus' Sync Backplate, STUDI/O can be synchronized within a professional digital studio environment to a master clock generator.

    Extended support for up to four cards, and 96KHz mode via the S/MUXTM format is included in the NT driver, which is freely downloadable from Sonorus' website. Users must first install Windows NT Service Pack 4, available from Microsoft.

    Under Windows NT4, STUDI/O's operation is compatible with a wide range of recording software, including Cakewalk Pro Audio 8, Cool Edit Pro from Syntrillium, Samplitude Studio 4.5, and Samplitude Studio 24/96 from SEK'D, SAWPlus32 and SAWPro from Innovative Quality Software ("IQS"), Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge and Acid, Steinberg's WaveLab, and Adobe Premier.

    STUDI/O is a trademark of Sonorus, Inc. BRC is a registered trademark of Alesis Corporation. Windows and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

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