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  • Steinberg to Develop for BeOS

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    Steinberg, the creators of Cubase VST, have announced that they will begin developing NUENDO for BeOS. NUENDO, developed primarily for post product work, was initially announced only for Silicon Graphics computers. At the 105th AES Convention in San Francisco, Steinberg also announced that NUENDO would be available for Windows NT machines. BeOS is now the third platform that NUEDO has been announced for.

    Steinberg's NUENDO will offer up to 96 tracks of digital audio with built-in EQ and real-time effects processing via Steinberg's VST plug-in architecture. Audio processing is performed with floating point processing for high accuracy and dynamic range. NUENDO will also include MIDI recording and editing tools.

    "Real-time audio manipulation is mandatory for all musicians" said product manager Thorsten Held. "BeOS is a true Media OS; its Media Kit and optimized latency timing together with our sound technology give a good opportunity for even better products."

    "Steinberg sets the bar for software in the music industry," said Tim Self, Developer Evangelist, "Steinberg's presence gives musicians the key tools to produce their music on the BeOS."

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