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  • SoundSpice And Dub Extraction

    By HC News |


    SoundSpice releases : 'Dub Extraction' & 'Other Space Industrial' Triple Bundles





    Available now exclusively at www.sound-spice.com for 20% off until November 2nd, no coupon code required.


    The ‘Dub Extraction’ and ‘Other Space Industrial’ triple bundles have both been released and are available at 20% off now through November 2nd in the webshop.


    Check out the new audio demo that mixes up loops from both, hear how a dozen or so loops from the 'Dub Extraction' series mixes in together with a dozen from the 'Other Space Industrial' series to create all new music.


    At 20% off you get all 3 volumes of either series for less than the normal price of just 2, and there's no coupon needed.



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