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  • SoundDiver 2.0.6 Update Released

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    The new Version 2.0.6 of SoundDiver provides editors for even more MIDI devices as well as other general improvements. Current users of SoundDiver 2.0 are able to download Version 2.0.6 for MacOS and Windows from Emagic's www.emagic.de website.

    New in Version 2.0.6:

    • Module for Waldorf MicroWave II/XT/PC
    • Module for Roland MC-505/JX-305
    • Module for Alesis DM Pro
    • Additions to the MR-Module for Ensoniq ZR-61/76
    • Additions to the QS-Modules for Alesis QS 6.1, NanoSynth, NanoBass und NanoPiano
    • Adaptations for Alesis Midiverb II, Korg Z1, Kenton Control Freak, Lexicon MXP 1, Yamaha 01v, Yamaha VL70-m
    • Update for Unitor8 Module to Firmware 1.29
    • Improved IntelliMouse und Multi-Monitor support under Windows 98/NT
    • Various detail improvements

    Also available for downloading is the Universal Module Programming Manual. This allows you to program your own adaptations for devices that are not already supported.

    SoundDiver is a universal Editor / Librarian software program for MIDI devices (Synthesizers, Samplers, multi-effect processors, mixers, etc.) Approximately 390 devices are curently supported by both MacOS and Windows versions.

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