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  • SEK'D Prodif Cards Gain ASIO/OSS Drivers

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    The german company RME proudly annonuces new drivers for the DIGI32 Series of digital interface cards (which are sold in the US as the SEK'D Prodif 32, Gold, and 96). A Mac ASIO driver can be downloaded from RME's website. This multicard driver allows up to 8 tracks using the DIGI32/8 or a multiple thereof, at a latency time of 46 ms. The ASIO driver is part of the highly compatible Soundmanager driver, thus no reboot of the Mac is neccessary when changing between ASIO and Soundmanager usage. The ASIO driver was tested with Cubase VST and a beta of the upcoming Logic Platinum 3.6, and performed well with both programs.

    The DIGI32 Series is now also useable with Unix, Linux and Solaris. A first driver is already in public beta testing. The drivers are part of the Open Sound System (OSS), programmed and distributed by 4Front Technologies (www.opensound.com), and require an additional fee for continued usage. 4Front's well known reputation as specialists for audio drivers under Unix, Linux and Solaris guarantees accurate programmed and powerful drivers that transfer all of the special features and capabilities of the DIGI32 Series known under Windows and Mac to the Unix world. 4Front also handles the support for their drivers and update them regularly. More informations are available at www.rme-audio.com/oss/oss.htm.

    Please note that the DIGI32 Series is sold in the US as SEK'D Prodif 32, Gold and 96 by SEK'D America (www.sekd.com).

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