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  • SampleCell II Plus for NT Shipping

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    Digidesign® is shipping the Windows NT version of SampleCell II Plus, a PCI sampling card that provides the award-winning performance and features of Digidesign's SampleCell II card previously only available for Mac OS systems. In addition to cross-platform compatibility, SampleCell II Plus includes 32 MB RAM as a standard feature. The Windows NT version supports Macintosh CD-ROMs, providing users with immediate access to a huge variety of sounds from existing sample libraries.

    SampleCell II Plus records and plays 16-bit, 44.1 kHz stereo and mono samples, supports AIFF (Mac OS and Windows NT), .WAV (Windows NT) and Sound Designer II (Mac OS), and features 32 dynamically allocated voices, eight polyphonic outputs and dynamic digital filters. Users who need more voices can simply install additional SampleCell II Plus cards in their computers. The included SampleCell Editor software provides detailed waveform displays on the computer monitor, enabling precise, powerful sample and loop editing capabilities. The intuitive, graphic interface makes it easy to perform tasks such as managing sound files, creating Key Groups and mapping instruments.

    With the optional TDM Module, SampleCell II Plus adds fully integrated sample recording and playback capabilities to TDM-based Pro Tools systems for Windows NT and Mac OS. Each of the Sample Cell II Plus card's eight outputs appear as direct, 20-bit digital inputs on the Pro Tools virtual mixer, making the card the only sampler on the market that provides eight digital outputs. These outputs can be routed to Digidesign audio interfaces for digital and analog I/O, providing a professional-quality interface to external studio gear.

    SampleCell II Plus comes with four CD-ROM discs (two for Mac OS and two for Windows NT) that each include more than 650 MB of ready-to-load sounds. Users can also transfer sounds directly from audio CDs played in the computer's CD-ROM drive.

    The suggested retail price of SampleCell II Plus is $1,295. The optional TDM Module is $395.

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