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  • Retro AS-1 Version 1.3.1 for Mac Released

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    Digital Performer listing Retro AS-1 audio sources.
    BitHeadz has announced the release of Retro AS-1 v.1.3.1 Analog Synthesizer for Macintosh, now with 96 kHz support and improved sequencer integration.

    Retro AS-1 is a fully programmable pro quality synth for Macintosh or Windows that integrates into all of the popular sequencer programs, but now Retro now has even better integration into many of the sequencers on the market.

    MOTU Performer and Digital Performer users will now be able to select Retro AS-1 and Unity DS-1, (the sampler from BitHeadz) as input sources on the performer mixer channels using MOTU's MAS 2.0 plug in format. Retro now supports up to 16 individual MIDI channels of audio plus a main mix of of all channels. Parts that have been assigned to individual channels are taken out of the Main L/R mix. This improved integration will allow the use of plug-in effects on Retro sounds, and allow Retro to play out through an ASIO compatible sound card at the same time digital audio tracks are playing. Retro presets, along with their names, can be assigned to individual tracks using pop up menus from within the Performer track mixer.

    Cubase users will be glad to hear that Retro AS-1 now supports ReWire* for the same type of functionality. Emagic users can find environments already implemented in the most current versions of Logic. BitHeadz is also working with other sequencer companies to achieve similar compatibility.

    Another enhancement to Retro is 96 kHz output for the highest fidelity output,and the Record to Disk feature now responds to MIDI start/stop commands. Retro AS-1 retails for $259.00, but registered Retro owners can upgrade for free from the BitHeadz web site.

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