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  • Renaissance Equalizer for PC Shipping

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    WAVES LTD. (www.waves.com), today announced that the availability of the Renaissance Equalizer , the second of the Renaissance® series of DSP Plug-Ins. The Renaissance EQ is available for Digidesign TDM and Macintosh native processing environments including Adobe Premiere and Steinberg VST. The Renaissance Plug-Ins are a series of high end digital audio processors that re-creates the warm sound qualities and simple operation of classic analog hardware in the digital domain.

    Designed to be musical, not technical, the Renaissance line of Plug Ins has a clean and simple interface that is ultra functional with minimal clutter. The Renaissance Equalizer is the second in the series, which includes the Renaissance Compressor, and is simple to use as any classic processor with just a few straightforward controls and simple interface.The Renaissance Equalizer features high-precision, 48-bit internal processing for maximum resolution and includes special filters based on vintage analog filter-designs for warmth and clarity.

    Additional Renaissance Equalizer features include:

    • Filter-curves based on vintage analog equalizers
    • Resonant shelves
    • Flexible controls including simultaneous multi-parameter adjustment
    • Stereo, dual-mono or linked modes of operation
    • 48-bit internal processing
    • Real-time EQ graphing
    • Comprehensive set-ups
    • Fast operation


    The Waves Renaissance Equalizer supports the following versions (and higher) of:

    on Mac:

    Pro Tools TDM 4.0, AudioSuite, Premiere, Cubase-VST, Peak, WaveConvert Pro, SoundEdit 16, Deck II, Digital Performer 2.1, Logic Audio 3.0, Studio Vision Pro 3.5, Opcode Vision 3.5, Turbomurph and other platforms supporting the Premiere architecture.

    on PC:

    Sound Forge (V4.0 or above), CakeWalk 6.0, Cubase-VST, WaveLab 1.6, CoolEdit Pro, WaveConvert Pro and other platforms supporting the Active-X plug-in architecture.

    The Renaissance Equalizer is available for Mac or PC at Waves dealers worldwide for MSRP US$300.

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