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    ReBirth 2.0 To Include a 909

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    There is hardly a piece of Software which made similar amounts of noise and hype as ReBirth-338, the first virtual synthesizer for Mac and PC. A complete Techno-Studio with two 303 bassline synthesizers andone 808 drum computer. Thanks to all the enthusiastic users out there a wide range of modifications with different sounds and looks are out there now. But it wouldn't be the Propellerheads if there wasn't any new ideas to take the radical concept of ReBirth even further:

    To feature the system idea, the Steinberg- and Propellerhead-Developers have been working closely together developing the ReWire-technology. ReWire is an inter-application audio bus which makes a total integration with Cubase VST PC and Mac possible. You can now stream a stereo mix, separate ReBirth devices, and/or drum instruments, into the VST submixers mixer, in real time, for separate processing/eq etc. This feature includes automatic sync to VST, ReBirth renders up to 20 audio streams that VST can receive.

    What you wanted: Additonal 909-style drummachine, of course with these sounds ...!

    There is a new Compressor effect. It can be used as insert or master effect. With Threshold, Ratio and LED display.

    What you have been waiting for: 4 distortion boxes, instead of one. Additional "Shape" dist parameter.

    Get creative! Enhanced "mod" support. A "mod" is now a separate file that contains only graphics and samples. There will be a free utility program included, for creating mods. Just create a folder with AIFF/Wave files and JPEG images, named according to a predefined system, and drop on this program. Any mods found by the program on startup will appear on a menu so that you can select which mod to apply to the active document. Mod files are cross platform.

    Shuffle! This, together with the 909, opens up ReBirth to another music style: house!

    ReBirth 2.0 will be available during the second quarter of 1998, distributed by Steinberg.

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