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    Pulsar Audio Board Now Shipping

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    (Click for a close-up)
    CreamWare's long awaited DSP-powered, 24-Bit/96-kHz Music Production Environment. Pulsar is now available in the PC version.

    Firstly Pulsar is a multi-I/O system which offers a total of 20 inputs/outputs, including 2 x ADAT, S/PDIF-I/O and stereo analog. (If you require more analog inputs/outputs, converter units like CreamWare's A16 and/or A8 will get the job done.) Pulsar is fully MME compliant and features an ASIO driver for optimum communication with Cubase VST. If you already own a multi-I/O board you can even fully integrate it as part of your Pulsar system.

    Furthermore Pulsar's software package features a fully-loaded 32-channel digital mixer with 8 Aux and 16 Recording busses. Each channel has fully parametric equalizers as well as 4 inserts where you can 'drag-n-drop' dynamics in the form of compressors and limiters etc. In addition there are effects units (chorus, flanger, phaser, 4-pole filter, stereo & cross-delay and more) that can be used in conjunction with the mixer's Aux busses and also as 'stand alone' devices in the Pulsar environment. The mixer is, (like almost any parameter in the Pulsar software), fully remote controllable via any standard MIDI controller.

    Last but certainly not least, Pulsar comes factory-complete with a host of sound generators, including three types of 'hard-wired' analog synthesizers, a modular synth with more than 70 modules - among them a 3rd-party oscillator from WALDORF featuring their famous Wavetable synthesis, an 8-Operators FM synthesizer, a Vocoder with 11 frequency bands and an Akai-compatible sample player. (Akai media can be read by most CD-ROM drives - a compatibility list is forthcoming), a best-service CD-ROM with over 400 MB samples is also included.

    When all of Pulsar's power is added to your favorite audio/MIDI sequencer, you have the virtual studio of tomorrow on your desktop today!

    In contrast to other virtual studio solutions Pulsar doesn't use the host processor of the computer but it's own 4 SHARC DSPs, the fastest DSP model currently available. So you can still use your host-processor-based applications while benefiting from the power that Pulsar adds to your computer system. And if one Pulsar doesn't meet your demands, the S/TDM Bus (Scope Time Division Multiplex), an extremely fast interface for internal connection, allows it to link several Pulsars as well as it opens the way to SCOPE.

    The suggested retail price for Pulsar is US $1298.00.

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