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    Nord Modular 2.1 OS Upgrade Ready

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    Software version 2.1 for Nord Modular - virtual modular synthesizer - is about to be available from Clavia DMI AB. The development of new modules and improvment of the OS and Editor functions in Nord Modular continues with undiminished force. The 2.1 version features a number of new exciting modules to expand the vast sound capabilities of Nord Modular even further. Lots of effort has been put on designing great-sounding, high-quality and user friendly tools. The 2.1 version will hold nearly 110(!) different types of modules to work with when creating sounds. The words 'flexible' and 'extensive' will truly get new meanings with the 2.1 release.

    New synthesizer modules

    FM Sine Wave Oscillator

    This is a new sine wave slave oscillator with a sync- and a new FM-modulation type input. This module has been specially designed for creating classic DX7 sounds. The sound capabilities of this oscillator differs a bit from the other FM modules found in Nord Modular, and definitely adds that "extra touch" to the FM sounds.

    Vocal Filter

    This is a filter designed to simulate the vocal tract. A human voice is a very complex "sound processor". Each wovel contains a unique frequency spectrum with a lot of peaks. These wovel characteristics have been carefully recreated by the Clavia developers, and put together in the Vocal Filter. You can select between a number of vowels, put these in three different "memory locations", and transform between them.

    The Vocal Filter features Frequency and Resonace controls to further color the wovels. It is possible to modulate frequency and vowel transformation from an external source, giving a morph-like effect, similar to a Talk-box. The fun-factor of this filter is dangerously high!

    Filter Bank

    The Filter Bank is a 14-band static filter with attenuation controls for each band. The bands have steep cut-off characteristics, which allows for precise filtering of frequencies. The Filter Bank is especially suitable for creating different kinds of static body resonances (formants). You can, for example, easily create a "hollow" sound by adjusting the attenuation sliders.

    All attenuation sliders can be "morphed" individually to create dramatic resonance changes. The module is also suitable for "cutting out" frequencies in an audio signal to be used to trig other modules etc.


    This is a module for really groovy sounds! The Digitizer module continuously samples an incoming signal at a selectable sample rate and bit resolution. The module can, for example, sample a clean audio signal and transform it down to a "dirty" 8 bit, 5 kHz signal.

    The sample rate transformation deliberately works without lowpass filtering, which results in lots of aliasing. Aliasing is normally a negative side-effect in digital sound systems, but can give really interestning results in a number of applications. This module has been created solely for generating "low-fi" effects.

    Ring Modulator

    A ring- and amplitude modulator has been possible to create with the existing modules of Nord Modular. However, Clavia found it suitable to fit these functions in a separate module and also added an input for modulating the amp-/ ring modulation. The combined ring- and amplitude modulator can be used to generate new overtones in a sound. Ring- and amplitude modulators are very useful for creating inharmonic, "metallic" sounds.

    This module features a rotary knob which lets you transform the signal between unmodified, amplitude and ring modulation. This transformation can also be modulated from an external source.

    Key Quantizer

    The Key Quantizer module quantizes the values of a continuous control signal and generates note values according to a user-defined key. You can set the note range from 0 to +/- 64 semitones. Great for arpeggio-like effects and randomly played notes within a set key.

    Note + Velocity Scaler

    A velocity scaler for control signals. This module can be used to produce control signals based on keyboard note and velocity values. You can set a break point key and different amplification/attenuation gains for the two key sections on either side of the break point. This is similar to the 'key level scaling' function used on some FM synths in the 80's. The module is very suitable for controlling the amplitude more precicely in modules featuring amplitude modulation inputs.

    Improved modules

    2-1 Switch

    The previous On/Off Switch has got a second input and selector button, and can now be used both as an on/off switch and as a 2-1 switch.

    Stereo Chorus

    The relationship between "wet" and "dry" signal of the 'amount' parameter has been adjusted to produce a more constant output level.

    Control Mixer

    The present Control Mixer module has got a new feature. You can select between linear and exponential attenuator characteristics to better suit your different modulation needs.

    Filter E

    The Filter E module has got one more frequency modulation input with attenuator.


    New Editor functions

    Memory List

    Now it's possible to upload, download and store patches to/from Nord Modular in a very easy way. You simply use the "floating" Memory List window in the Editor. This window features a list of all patches stored in the Nord Modular internal memory. Whith the mouse you can carry out all load and store operations just by clicking on patches in the list.

    Synth Menu

    All synthesizer related functions, such as uploading, downloading, storing etc. have been gathered in a separate Synth menu in the Editor.

    Auto assign MIDI Controllers

    Now it's also possible to automatically assign MIDI Controllers to parameters in a patch. The Controller values can be sent as a bulk dump to a sequencer program. This lets you always have full control over a sound when recording.

    Keyboard Floater

    A Keyboard Floater window allows you to play notes on a "virtual" keyboard without having a real keyboard connected to the synthesizer. This is, of course, very useful for the Rack models, but also if you want to play the entire MIDI note range without having to transpose the keyboard.

    The new software will soon be available, free of charge, at Clavia's web site: http://www.clavia.se/nordmodular/updates.html

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