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  • New Version of CD Looper Available

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    RePlay Technologies, Inc. has released Version 2 of both CD Looper and CD Looper Pro.

    "We have worked very hard over the last year to improve the sound quality of our Time Compression algorithm." says RePlay Technologies President Richie Saccente. "I believe that the results speak for themselves and show the talent and dedication of our programming staff. We have also added support for the CDDB database which now makes CD Looper not just a great tool for learning to play your favorite songs but also the perfect default Windows cd player."


    New features in Version 2:

    • Incorporated the new slowdown engine. You can now choose between the old one which is faster and the new one which produces the best slowdown quality on the market.
    • Supports the CDDB internet CD database.
    • CD Looper now runs in the Windows' system tray. Right click to bring up an options menu. Left clicking restores CD Looper.
    • CD Looper now supports more than one cd player. You can set which cd player to use on the Options screen.
    • Easily make CD Looper, or any other program, your default Windows' cd player. Just select your choice on the Options screen.
    • Song information, up to 60,000 characters, can be added, edited, printed and uploaded to the CDDB database. Sync the display with the CD playback so the song information display is updated as new songs are played. Perfect for displaying lyrics.
    • The user interface now sports a toolbar for easy access to popular commands.
    • You can now save the ~record.wav and the ~play.wav files directly from the CD Looper File menu.

    New features in NoteGrabber (CD Looper Pro PlugIn)

    • The user interface has been updated. The wave display resizes to the size of the window which can now be made any size.
    • You can now drag and drop wav files into NoteGrabber. Simply drag the file name from Explorer and drop it on the wav display.
    • You can now Compress or Expand the time of a wav file to an absolute time in addition to slowing it down 2, 3 or 4 times.
    • You can make NoteGrabber your default wav player from an easy menu click. You can also click on a wav file in Explorer to start playing it with NoteGrabber if you have made it your default player.
    • You can insert another wav file into to the beginning or ending of the current wav file.
    • The user interface now sports a toolbar for easy access to popular commands.
    For a limited time, all registered users of CD Looper and CD Looper Pro can upgrade for just $19.99. All orders can be placed on RePlay Technologies' special web upgrade site at www.replayinc.com/upgrade2.htm or called in to their toll-free number: 888-3RePlay.

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