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    New NT Driver for DIGI/Prodif Digital I/O Cards

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    RME (www.rme-audio.com) is proud to present a new Windows NT driver that features interrupt sharing for their digital audio I/O cards (sold in the US under the SEKD brand.)

    RME's well known digital in out cards DIGI32, DIGI32/8 and DIGI32 PRO will all benefit from the new driver. Version 3.14 of course includes all features found already in earlier versions, like true dual processor support, support for up to 24-bit, 96 kHz, 8 channels per card (16 Full Duplex, 48 with three cards), usage of up to three of our cards in every possible combination, change of settings in real-time (some even during playback), independent usage of DIGI32/8's stereo devices and many other features.

    Version 3.14 now skips the limited support of Microsoft's mmdrv.dll using an own built into the driver, for more stable 24-bit support even when several programs access one 8-channel card simultaneously, causing a high processor load. And it is probably the first and only audio driver to bring you full interrupt sharing! This allows not only to share one interrupt between multiple DIGI's, but also between them and other components like graphics cards, SCSI controllers or network cards. With this, resource problems using a fully equipped NT DAW are a thing of the past.

    The new driver is available for free at http://www.rme-audio.com/english/download/download.htm.

    Note: The DIGI series is sold in the US as SEKD Prodif 32/Gold/96. The drivers are exactly identical.

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