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    New Loop Libraries for ACID

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    Sonic Foundry (AMEX:SFO) introduces seven new loop libraries in their Loops for ACID series. The libraries: Street Beats by poogie bell, Signals I and II Analog Synth Dance Loops, and Funky xtreams I and II, Syntonic Generator, and Pandora's Toolbox were created by leading sound designers and optimized to take advantage of ACID's time stretching capabilities. ACID is Sonic Foundry's loop-based music creation software. The loop libraries are original and license free.



    Street Beats by Poogie Bell

    A collection of incredibly funky drum loops from one of the best in the business. A practical and easy to use disc with everything from hard-core hiphop, jungle and house to traditional R&B and soul beats. Authentic raw sounds, live, studio and even true streets sounds from around the world.

    Signals I Analog Synth Dance Loops

    A fantastic collection of dance sounds created on the world's greatest synthesizers. Funky music from funky machines - They're all here Prophet-5, Minimoog, Roland Jupiter6 and Jupiter8, Korg MS20, and Yamaha DX7 with sounds including Synth bass, Arrpegiator, Sequences and FX. These sounds form the basis for wicked techno, drum 'n' bass, ambient, and house grooves.

    Signals II Analog Synth Dance Loops

    The second volume of dance sounds created on the world's greatest synthesizers. Funky music from funky machines ... They're all here - Prophet-5, Minimoog, Roland Jupiter6 and Jupiter8, Korg MS20, and Yamaha DX7, with variety including Synth bass, Arrpegiator, Sequences and FX sounds.

    Funky xtreams I

    TOKIO originated grooves that take the lead for the new club scene. This disc has everything needed to create cutting edge dance music including hard-core techno beats - machine beat loops with various styles ranging from techno, drum 'n' bass, hip-hop and reggae. There are also cool vintage rhythm box patterns and tons of highly stylized grooves. Individual loops for Kick Bass, HiHat and Toms are also included for the creation of new grooves.

    Funky xtreams II

    Hip, vintage loops from the KORG Rhythm55 preset rhythm box. These rare sounds are must-have for any serious vintage rhythm machine user. The "Disco" and "Bossa-Nova" presets sound great to this day and are a refreshing departure from other rhythm machines.

    Syntonic Generator

    An eclectic toolbox for the ultra-discriminating loop user. This disc features hundreds of cutting-edge drum and synth loops for killer mixes, including amazing loop styles in house, techno, dance, jungle and industrial. Cool effects, hits and astounding samples and synths. Syntonic is a monster toolbox.

    Pandora's Toolbox

    A collection of unusal sounds from the master of loops, David Torn. If you need to add a creepy or weird element to your project, look no further.

    Also in the works are Voices of Native America, covering everything from vocals and flute passages to a wide array of drum sounds, and Vortextual Amplitude, the ultimate analog loop sampling disc with samples from classic synths such as the ARP 2500, Roland SH-1, MultiMoog, MemoryMoog, and Sequential Circuits Pro One.

    ACID (MSRP $399) - is the latest addition to Sonic Foundry's line of audio software for the Windows platform.

    Loops can be previewed in real time before being opened. ACID automatically matches the tempo and pitch of the loop for instant synchronization. Changing the pitch of a project merely involves selecting the desired key from a drop-down menu.

    ACID supports unlimited tracks, based on system RAM. Each track includes the volume, pan, and effect envelopes for greater editing control.

    ACID is available for both the Windows 95 and Windows NT platforms and requires a Pentium 133 with a Windows-compatible sound card. Pentium 11 processor is recommended for reaI-time effects.

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