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  • New Dano Instruments for '99

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    The 56-U3 (left) and DC-3 (right).
    Danelectro is kicking off '99 by announcing five new guitars and basses, consisting of both reissues and totally new models. Each of these models will be available in six different finishes.

    First up are the 56-U3 and DC-3 (both with a list price of $399.) These are designed to capture the sounds several classic 60's guitars, putting seven different sounds at your disposal via Danelectro's "Select-O-Matic" switching system. Both guitars also feature a "blow" switch that allows you to instantly engage all three Lipstick® pickups for lead work. As for hardware, both models come with Gotoh tuners and independently adjustable string saddles for each string.

    Next in the line up of new Dano products is the Convertible reissue. This is an acoustic/electric with a single high output Lipstick pickup that preserves some of the acoustic sound qualities. It also sports a tone and volume control, along with a list price of $299.

    Moving "down" a bit (an octave to be precise), we find the Danelectro Baritone (list: $349.) This instrument was originally produced back in the late 50's by Danelectro, and is tuned an octave lower than a guitar, allowing you to plug out some bass lines, but still do some chord work.

    Moving down even more, and we come to the new DC Bass. This instrument is designed to capture the sound of - nothing, actually. Danelectro is trying to produce a new instrument here that has its own unique sound. This is achieved with its long scale, semi-hollow body, and dual Lipstick pickups, plus dual tone and volume controls. List on the DC Bass is $349.

    For more information on Danelectro products, visit their web site at www.danelectro.com.

    From left to right, the Danelectro Convertible, Baritone, and DC Bass.


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