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  • New Condenser Mics Offer Digital Output

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    MCD 100

    beyerdynamic releases the world's first family of digital condenser studio microphones, the MCD 100 and the MCD 101. Preamplification and A/D conversion of the microphone signal, which was previously achieved at the input of a digital console, is now accomplished directly behind the microphone capsule of the MCD 100. The output is an AES/EBU signal via a standard 3-pin XLR.

    The MCD 100 is a cardioid microphone while the MCD 101 is an omni.

    Both microphones feature unique software that eliminates digital clipping without the use of compression or limiting. The difficulty of proper gain staging of a digital audio recording is reduced by eliminating the prospect of the harsh noise created by digital clipping, allowing the user to maximize the gain from the original input signal.

    The MPD 200 digital power supply and a range of accessories enable the MCD 100 and the MCD 101 to be used in either studio or on location environments. Apart from the superior audio quality, the A/D conversion within the microphone enables the use of extremely long cable runs without any loss of quality.

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