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    NemeSys Ships NCS44 Rack-Mount Sampler

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    NemeSys Music Technology, Inc. today began shipping a digital sampling system with unprecedented sampling storage capacity and up to 512 voices of polyphony, all housed in a single 4U rack mounted chassis.

    Based on the award-winning GigaSampler technology, the NCS44 boasts 100 gigabytes of sampling (expandable), 512 voices, 64 MIDI channels, and 64 output channels of 16-, 20- or 24-bit audio. All voices are hard disk based, instantly playable, and up to 4.3 gigabytes in size each allowing for near-instantaneous loading of massive sample sets and instruments.

    By leveraging Conexants (formerly Rockwell Semiconductor) patented EndlessWave technology, the NCS44 streams samples in real-time from each of its four hard drives. This allows instruments and recordings that far exceed the limitations of RAM-based hardware and software tools. Instruments no longer need to squeeze into 128 or even 256 megabytes of RAM full articulation and performance response characteristics can be preserved in each sampled instrument with sizes often exceeding 1 gigabyte, as in the popular GigaPiano soundware, which is included with each unit.

    "To put things into perspective, you can have over 350 times the sampling capacity of any other sampler without having to restrict any one of the 512 voices to a small, RAM-based memory footprint," said Jim Van Buskirk, President and co-founder of NemeSys Music Technology, Incorporated. "Coupled with four times the polyphony and assignable MIDI channels of other samplers, there is no longer any need for music scoring professionals to fill rooms with outdated, proprietary samplers."

    The NCS44 also boasts powerful networking capabilities, allowing it to co-exist on LANs with PCs running GigaSampler or GigaSampler LE, as well as accessing high-bandwidth sample servers, via standard Ethernet networks.

    Professionals in the music industry have enthusiastically received first-run units of this powerful sampler.

    "Not only do I have a software sampling tool in the GigaSampler that is magnitudes past anything I've ever used, I have it in a box that gives me 512 voice polyphony and 100 gigabytes of hardware sampling power," emphasized David Kahne, award-winning producer for Sugar Ray, Sublime, and Fishbone. "For the first time, the true potential of digital sampling has been realized. I'm blown away by the sheer power of this box!"

    NemeSys is also leveraging its expertise in system design to configure scalable hardware solutions that enable the full potential of the GigaSampler technology. Accordingly, the NCS4x series is available in configurations of 512-, 384-, or 256-voice polyphony.

    Leading sample library companies like Q Up Arts, Sampleheads, Miroslav Vitous, Best Service, and ZeroG are rapidly producing world-class titles that take advantage of the enhanced GigaSampler technology. Since its introduction last year, over 50 sample libraries have been released in native GigaSampler format. Combined with GigaSamplers ability to convert and load Akai S-series samples (via the included S-Converter software), the NCS4x series boasts one of the most extensive arrays of available sound sets in the industry.

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