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    Morley Announces New Vai Pedal

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    (Click for a close-up)

    Steve Vai and Morley have done it again. First, they teamed up to make the world's #1 switchless wah pedal, the Bad Horsie. Now they're doing for volume what they did for wah by introducing the Little Alligator Volume Pedal

    Designed to be rugged and meet Steve's demanding specifications, the Little Alligator is housed in a heavy-duty metal chassis. The Little Alligator is equipped with Morley's studio-silent Electro-Optical circuitry to ensure noise free, dependable operation. The consistently smooth audio taper is set to Steve's painstaking specifications. Minimum Volume knob allows smooth transition between rhythm and lead volumes. Equipped with easy access battery compartment, gator green LED indicator and Morley's standard two-year warranty.

    Suggested Retail Price is $139. Scheduled for release January 2001.

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