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  • More 3rd Party Support for Pulsar

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    After the successful debut of Pulsar, their DSP-based music production environment for the PC, CreamWare now is pleased to announce that a growing number of 3rd party companies intend to support the new platform with their own applications. Pulsar's sales numbers are approaching 5,000, a milestone that comes just some 8 weeks after the launch in December 1998.

    Besides Waldorf, who supported Pulsar from the very beginning with a special version of their Wavetable oscillator that is part of Pulsar's modular synth, now also

    • Prosoniq (details t.b.a.),
    • Quantec (room simulation),
    • Metric Halo Labs (Spectrafoo Metering System),
    • Sonic Timeworks (Reverb, release in March),
    • Spectral Design (details t.b.a.),
    • C-MEXX (software remote control of mixing) and
    • Wildcat Canyon Software (Pitch to MIDI Technology - "Autoscore")
    • NemeSys Music Technology (GigaSampler)

    have stated that they will start or already started programming applications suited for Pulsar as well as for its forthcoming "big brother" SCOPE. "In the last months we were asked by many manufactures of MAC- and PC-related audio systems for cooperations on the field of reverb programming," said Quantec's Wolf Buchleitner, father of the legendary QRS, "but only at Creamware we found the right mix between a technically brilliant concept and highly professional support of the so called 3rd parties."

    According to CreamWare's president Frank Hund "CreamWare and the rapidly growing number of users very much welcome the commercial 3rd party pioneers on the Pulsar/SCOPE platform, Their product offering will complete the platform ideal of Pulsar/SCOPE and is an important contribution to the continuous improvement of audio technology."


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