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  • L.R. Baggs Double Barrel Mic/Pickup

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    Double-Barrel.gif The Double Barrel is a micro-miniature, all discrete Class A dual channel microphone/pickup system that is built right on to our 4-Pin strapjack. It pairs an undersaddle pickup, the Ribbon Transducer, with a high quality FET condenser microphone and makes expensive outboard preamps with phantom power unnecessary.

    The Ribbon Transducer is responsive to vibration but not to pressure. Consequently, there are no limits to its dynamic range as it effortlessly tracks the vibration of the guitar top. And, because it does not respond to pressure, the dry, stringy sound characteristic of pressure sensitive pickups is eliminated.

    The ready-to-go pickup and mic signals plug into any outboard gear, such as a mixing board, by simply using a stereo "Y" cable. With a regular mono cord, the buffered pickup is available on the tip contact of the jack as if the mic were not there. Each channel of the Double Barrel preamp is tuned for the Ribbon Transducer and the microphone so, whether you choose mono or stereo, you can just plug in and sound great.

    The Double Barrel System can be installed in minutes and may also be used with other popular mini-mics. The whole system retails for $199.

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