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    IQ Audio Control Software Hits Version 3.0

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    The most powerful and widely installed audio control system in the world takes another leap forward with the introduction of Crown IQ for Windows 3.0.

    Jim Stembel, IQ Product Manager says, "IQ for Windows 3.0 is now incredibly easy to use. The addition of new security options and advanced custom controls allows the user to use the IQ System to its full potential."

    IQ for Windows 3.0 features enhanced custom controls that allow the user to create control panels designed specifically for their application. Meanwhile, the more complex controls and features can be hidden away for use only by authorized personnel.

    This major upgrade also allows for the scheduling of both dataframes and scenes, so many complex tasks can be handled automatically. For those who still want hands-on control, IQ for Windows 3.0 offers a new Scenes Sequencer feature, which allows the user to choreograph a series of complex events, then reactivate them anytime. Effortlessly. Flawlessly.

    Crown has also added an Administrator Password feature, allowing the designation of a keyword for global access to all dataframes, scenes and controls. The Administrator password will override all other IQ for Windows passwords, so system changes can be accomplished without frantic password-list searches or late-night phone calls.

    IQ for Windows 3.0 also expands upon Crown's IQ NET with the introduction of a "Chat Utility." The Chat Utility allows users to communicate with all other users on their local IQNET, making troubleshooting from various locations a snap.

    IQ for Windows 3.0 is also easily adaptable for the addition of IQ compatible third party products.

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