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    InMotion 3D Audio Producer 2.0 Announced

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    Human Machine Interfaces, Inc., a developer of audio APIs and applications for the entertainment industry announces InMotion 3D Audio Producer Version 2.0. This powerful new version adds full AVI, MPEG, and QuickTime movie support, an audio production wizard to facilitate quick processing of 3D audio scenes, and a full-featured mixer to aid in the mixing of musical sound stages.

    Human Machine Interfaces, Inc. has developed InMotion 3D Audio Producer in conjunction with Wave Arts, Inc. (www.wavearts.com), a developer of high end 3D audio and acoustic environment modeling technologies

    InMotion 3D Audio Producer is a software application that allows anyone from audio enthusiasts to the professional audio engineers to enhance their existing audio by expanding the sound field far beyond that of standard stereo loudspeakers.

    For audio professionals InMotion provides the ability to convert multi-channel mixes into a virtual surround mix that may be played over standard stereo loudspeakers. For example, recording artists can enhance a conventional stereo soundtrack by adding a unique audio experience to the music. InMotion is designed to compliment your existing audio workstation software.

    The average audio enthusiast will be able to enhance all audio including CD music, web sound effects, and create immersive audio sound stages, all without the need for any special or dedicated hardware.

    With audio content created with InMotion, the listener will experience sound coming from all directions including the front, back, and extreme left/right. The product features an intuitive and powerful interface to allow the creation of complex and effective 3D audio presentations.

    "InMotion 3D Audio Producer bridges the gap between standard stereo audio and full multi-channel surround. Many users do not yet have fully capable multi-speaker surround systems," said Nick Skrepetos, C.E.O. of Human Machine Interfaces. "By enhancing the quality of standard stereo audio, the user is rewarded with an immersive and compelling listening experience on their desktop without the need of any additional hardware beyond a standard stereo sound device."

    The 3D audio and acoustic environment modeling technology featured in the InMotion 3D Audio Producer is the result of extensive research and development by Wave Arts over the past ten years. InMotion 3D Audio Producer features state-of-the-art signal processing techniques including HRTF binaural processing, professional quality reverberation, doppler motion effects, object occlusion and air absorption modeling, and sophisticated cross-talk cancellation technology.

    A fully functional demonstration version of InMotion 3D Audio Producer, including sample 3D sounds created with InMotion, are available for immediate download from HMI's web site. The current retail price is $495.00, however HMI is offering the wholesale price of $249.00 directly to consumers for the next 30 days.

    Users interested in purchasing the InMotion 3D Audio Producer in the next 30 days will receive a free upgrade to version 2.0 when released.

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