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    GT Electronics Announces New Mics

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    AM30 (left) and AM40

    Alesis Corporation has announced the addition of three new condenser microphones to GT Electronics' fast-growing AM Series line. The AM30 and AM40 are both slender front-addressed mics designed for close miking of all types of acoustical instruments and guitar amplifiers. The AM11 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone designed for lead vocals and equally well suited to miking acoustic instruments. Like the other four mics in the AM Series, the AM11, AM30 and AM40 represent a collaborative effort between Alesis and long-time vacuum tube manufacturer and microphone and amplifier evangelist, Aspen Pittman.

    The AM40 ($799 USD MSRP) is the least expensive vacuum tube condenser microphone available today. This microphone incorporates a mid-sized gold evaporated diaphragm, front-address and removable cardioid capsule, which is interchangeable with two optional capsules -hypercardioid and omni-directional - which allow the user to modify the microphone pick-up pattern without having to invest in entirely new microphones. The AM40 offers a combination of classic tube performance and interchangeable capsules at an unprecedented price.

    The AM30 ($499 USD MSRP) is a mid-sized, true condenser front addressed microphone with a Class A FET preamp designed for acoustic instruments and vocals. As an instrument mic, the AM30 offers more warmth and proximity effect than a "pencil-type" small condenser. Like the AM40, the AM30 includes a front-address removable cardioid capsule, which is interchangeable with two optional capsules.

    The AM11 ($399 USD MSRP) was designed with a thin 6-micron gold-evaporated 1" diaphragm on a brass capsule giving it a fat classic sound preferred by many artists and recording professionals. The mic includes a bass roll-off switch that attenuates frequencies below 75Hz minimizing rumble such as that produced by air handling systems and music stand resonance. The AM11 includes a pad switch to protect the mic from overload when used in loud applications.

    Says Peter Chaikin, Alesis director of Marketing, "We are really excited because the GT Electronics Line is growing and we can now offer a range of top-quality performers. These mics are destined to become legendary for their performance and value."

    All three new AM Series microphones are scheduled to ship to dealers this fall.

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