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    Generator Synth Moving to Version 1.5

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    As the first purely software based modular synthesizer system, the GENERATOR opened up new dimensions for musicians and sound designers. With its consistently open concept the GENERATOR offers inexhaustible possibilities in the construction of new instruments and in sound design.

    In version 1.5 the permanent evolution of this system continues. The user interface has been decisively improved, the performance of audio processing has been increased and new modules, MIDI functionality and instruments further extend the list of features.

    New User Interface and New Control Elements:

    • Elegant, user-friendly design
    • Clearer layout through frames in the panel
    • Simplified insertion of instruments
    • Familiar mixing-desk-style operation of instruments
    • Comfortable creation of macro modules in one step
    • Snapshots available at the macro module level
    • Simplified wiring through automatic adders and voice combiners

    New MIDI Functionality:

    • Using GENERATOR's new MIDI output, all panel operations can be recorded with a sequencer. Snapshot changes set the new state of all control elements.
    • The new event-to-MIDI modules can be used to output processed or internally generated MIDI events.
    • The new MIDI-learn function helps with rapid assignment of external controllers to panel elements.

    Other Features:

    • GENERATOR available as DirectX plugin
    • DirectX interface for other manufacturers' plugins
    • DirectSound supported
    • Support for sound cards with more than 2 channels
    • New modules such as display for level or switch states, allpass filter and modules for time and frequency measurements
    • Massively expanded library of ensembles, instruments and macro modules
    • Optimized signal processing for even higher efficiency and audio quality
    • Comprehensive online help
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