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    EastWest Releases Two Sample Libraries by BT

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    Producing hit records and film scores is not all BT has been doing lately. BT's latest projects "Breakz from the Nu Skool" and "Twisted Textures" are sample libraries designed for other musicians to use in their own music productions.

    Without a doubt, BT is one of the fastest rising artists in today's music scene. He has written the score for the #1 box office hit "Fast and the Furious", as well as scores for "Driven", "Go", and "Under Suspicion", produced and programmed N'Sync's latest single "Pop", released his own album "Movement in Still Life" (which received rave reviews), and most recently released the double re-mix album "R&R". Peter Gabriel, who BT collaborated with on his Millennium 2000 score, recently told the Los Angeles Times "BT mounts mesmerizing journeys with his compositions. He is not only a virtuoso programmer, but an extremely gifted musicianS"

    "Breakz from the Nu Skool" is the first sample library in BT's signature collection, and features cutting edge breakbeats hand mangled through hundreds of plug-ins, stomp boxes, pressed to vinyl, you name it! From Kyma to Reason, "Breakz From the Nu Skool" streams through on all frequencies of subconscious awareness. "Best of all, these collections are sample accurate! This means no more flaming as you stack loop upon loop. Drop them into any audio program and you're off and sprinting" says BT.

    "Twisted Textures" is the second sample library in BT's signature collection, and is a massive two disc collection of sounds, pads, and waveforms that will lead musicians, composers and producers into all realms of the human condition and beyond the doorways of ordinary reality. Included with these amazing textures is a guide organized by emotion to help users narrow their search as they explore the complexity and depth this multi-disc collection has to offer.

    Both collections have been released in multiple formats to support all sampling software and hardware. Both multi-disc collections are priced at $129 for the audio format and $299 for the CD-ROM formats. The audio format of "Breakz from the Nu Skool includes a bonus WAV CD-ROM.

    Both titles are SHIPPING NOW in Audio and Giga/Halion formats. The Akai versions will ship in two weeks. The Akai format is completely compatible with all other samplers. The Akai version of Twisted Textures includes 3 CD-ROMs.

    • EW-142 - Breakz from the Nu Skool (2 CD Audio/WAV) - $129
    • EW-143 - Breakz from the Nu Skool (Akai/Audio) - $299
    • EW-146 - Breakz from the Nu Skool (Giga/Audio) - $299
    • EW-144 - Twisted Textures (2 CD Audio) - $129
    • EW-145 - Twisted Textures (3 CD-ROM Akai) - $299
    • EW-147 - Twisted Textures (2 CD-ROM Giga/Halion) - $299
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