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    E-mu Announces New Dance Sound Module

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    Frankfurt, Germany, March 11, 1998--E-mu Systems, Inc., announces the release of E-Synth Dance, a 64-voice, sample-playback, sound module that combines all the features of the highly successful E-Synth sampling synthesizer with the newly released Orbit/Phatt Sessions soundROM. The Sessions soundROM has 16MB of the latest dance sounds covering all the modern dance genres: Techno, House, Acid Jazz, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Jungle, and more. The Sessions ROM compliments the existing E-Synth 16MB sound set, for a combined total of 32MB of ROM sounds, while still preserving E-Synth's full functionality as an E4 class sampler workstation. E-Synth Dance is available in both rack and keyboard versions and is being featured at this year's Frankfurt MusikMesse show, March 11-March 15, Booth #F41, Hall 9.0. E-Synth Dance will be shipping in April of this year and will have a retail price equivalent to $3795 USD (excluding local taxes-rack) and $4195 USD (excluding local taxes-keyboard).

    E-Synth Dance combines the sound palettes of Orbit and Phatt

    "E-Synth Dance takes advantage of E-mu's new Sessions ROM set which is derived from our highly successful Orbit and Planet Phatt sound modules. These hot new sounds are then combined with the immense synthesis capabilities of E-Synth." notes Sean Wilhelmsen, Product Manager for MI products at E-mu. "The 32MB ROM block gives you a huge array of cutting-edge sounds. The vast power provided by the fact that E-Synth is also an E4 class sampler makes E-Synth Dance the ultimate modern music making machine."

    E-Synth Dance features:

    E-Synth Dance, like the base model E-Synth, is built on the flagship E4X platform. It shares many of the features of the E4X including 64-voice polyphony; a 16-part multi-timbral operation; 8 balanced 1/4 inch outputs; an AES/EBUdigital 1/0; superb stereo effects processing; and a high-resolution 64 X 240 LCD display with a simple, menu-driven, graphic-user interface. E-Synth's powerful synthesizer features include: an elaborate, cordbased real-time control matrix; 6-pole morphing resonant filters with user-selectable filters; and built in FX subsystems with dozens of effects to choose from.

    E-Synth Dance also features a compatible hardware design allowing it to accept any of the wide variety of EmulatorĀ® Operating System (EBB) options including: the polyphonyexpansion board that adds an additional 64 voices (128 voices total); an output-expander board that adds 8 outputs to the resident 8 outputs; and a MIDI-input expander that provides 16 additional MIDI channels (32 total).

    E-Synth Dance comes standard with a 32MB of built in sample ROM and 4MB of sample memory (expandable to 12MB). E-Synth Dance can address over 2800 samples and 1256 presets locations and, because SCSI comes standard, the user has access to the vast E-mu Sound Library or importation of Roland and AKAI sounds.

    Emulator and E-Synth owners can upgrade to E-Synth Dance capabilities

    Consistent with E-mu's strategy of protecting our customers existing investments, Emulator and E-Synth owners can easily upgrade their units to make use of the Sessions ROM. Contact E-mu or your local E-mu dealer for details.

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