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    DSP/FX Virtual Pack 3.17 Released

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    We are proud to announce the release of version 3.17 of the DSP/FX Virtual Pack. To celebrate this release and to help everyone during tax time, we are offering a special price of $299 until April 15th, 1998. This is a savings of $200 off the retail price.

    DSP/FX Ordering info: http://www.dspfx.com/order.html.

    Current DSP/FX Virtual Pack owners may download the upgrade for free. A free demo version is also available.

    DSP/FX Website: http://www.dspfx.com.

    This release features the following:

    1. Better Efficiency

    All the Plug-Ins now have a substantial improvement in efficiency of up to 22%. They feature the exact same sound quality as before (to the bit), yet use less CPU power. For example the Reverb now only takes up about 7% of the CPU to run realtime on a typical 300Mhz Pentium.

    2. SAW Plug-Ins save settings in EDL.

    When using the SAW versions of the Plug-Ins, the settings are now saved in the SAW EDL file.

    3. SAW Plug-Ins now respond much faster to parameter changes.

    4. Parametric EQ automatically scales CPU usage.

    The multiband parametric EQ now detects how many bands and shelves are being used, and automatically scales the CPU usage accordingly.

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