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  • Digital Performer 2.6 to Go POLAR

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    Mark of the Unicorn, Inc. (MOTU) is now shipping Digital Performer Version 2.5, MOTU's flagship audio sequencer software. In addition, MOTU gave a special NAMM preview of POLAR, a RAM-based audio loop recording feature due later this spring (as a free update to Digital Performer 2.5 users).

    POLAR stands for "Performance Oriented Loop Audio Recording" and allows users to continuously loop-record vocals, guitar or any other instrument into their Power Macintosh, overdubbing each pass to build audio loops of any length with any number of layers. Many options are provided to facilitate real-time interaction with the computer, allowing users to record ideas quickly and spontaneously.

    "POLAR now lets Digital Performer users build audio loops just like they've been able to for years with MIDI," said Jim Cooper, MOTU's Marketing Director. New York-based musician/producer Chris Parks recorded live bass, rhythm and solo guitars into Digital Performer's POLAR window during MOTU's demo, accompanied by several celebrity guest appearances from singers Chaka Khan, Layla Hathaway and Tony Fields. Hundreds of NAMM-goers watched as the vocalists built 5 and 6-part vocal stacks in real time, with the music playing continuously the entire time.

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