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    Diamond Cut Audio Tools 32 Released

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    Tracer Technologies, publishers of high quality PC products, have announced that the long awaited 32 bit version of Diamond Cut's Audio Restoration Tools is now shipping. Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools is a realtime audio restoration and enhancement application designed for PC users who want to clean up old cylinder recordings, hill and dale Edison Diamond Discs (verticals), old 78's (laterals), modern vinyl LP's, 45 rpm records and other recording mediums such as cassette, reel-to-reel tapes, and movie soundtracks.

    The 32-bit version of Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools is not only twice as fast during processing, but adds an incredible number of tools for audio processing. This veritable "laundry list" of features now includes audio enhancement, via the Virtual Valve Amplifier which includes many different virtual radio vacuum tubes and allows users to add "warmth" back into sterile recordings. DC-ART 32 also includes- a harmonic exciter, expander/gate, compressor, De-esser, an innovative new Paragrahic 10-band equalizer with a dual function display, a device which breaks large wavefiles into pieces based on silent passages automatically, instant bypass mode, filter and effects factory pre-sets, built in Forward and Reverse RIAA curves and 78 RPM turnovers, and an on-line spectrum analyser.

    "Not only is this product the most powerful of its kind on the market, but we've now made it the best documented and most powerful restoration product on the market", said Jeff Klinedinst, VP of Marketing for Tracer. "All the tools in the world won't help you if you can't understand how to use them."

    To that end, Diamond Cut and Tracer have added hundreds of help screens and several demo tutorials to help first time users navigate this powerful program. The Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools 32 manual is over 300 pages of tips and practical demonstrations on the joys of Audio Restoration and Enhancement. Many of these tips and charts can also be located at www.enhancedaudio.com, a joint web site dedicated to providing amateurs and professionals a library of facts, and tutorials on audio restoration and enhancement.

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