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  • Cybertar 2.1 for Mac Released

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    DMG Communications Inc. has announced the release of it's flagship product, Cybertar. Cybertar 2.1 is a Macintosh application which brings the difficulties of guitar playing within reach of any Mac user whether it be for fun, learning, or reference. The colorful and easy to use interface brings the guitar and it's complex relationships into focus. Seeing is just the beginning, because what Cybertar is all about is seeing and hearing.

    Developed with input from guitarists DMG Communication Inc. has come up with an impressive list of features:

    1. 44 Scales, 71 Chords and 51 Tunings to which new ones can be added or removed.
    2. The ability to place Intervals, Scales, Chords or user defined Chords over each other to see their relationships on the fingerboard.
    3. Positions can be created and imposed on the fingerboard.
    4. Chords can be chosen and or modified before being stored in user defined files which includes the above information(1-3). These files can be traded among users greatly extending the possibilities of Cybertar.
    5. Chords and Modes derived from Scales can be instantly seen and heard.
    6. Play Chords with the mouse. Play them back and listen to their unique character.
    7. Lessons can be created with Chords and Leads and be played back at different speeds.
    8. Lessons can be printed as well.
    9. Keys can be changed instantly.
    10. Whatever is displayed can be heard in a number of ways.
    11. Music notation can be displayed as well.
    12. It even has a Metronome...

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