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  • Cubase VST 4.1 for Mac Released

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    The included Neon synthesizer VST PlugIn
    The dynamics controls now built into each audio channel.

    Steinberg Cubase VST 4.1 for Macintosh is now available as a free download for registered 4.0 users on Steinberg's web site.

    This version of Cubase VST for Macintosh incorporates the new VST 2.0 Plug-In interface, enabling software synthesizers and software samplers in PlugIn format to be integrated into the VST architecture. VST 2.0 compatible PlugIns then also can be controlled in real-time via MIDI-controls and utilize multiple Audio I/Os if available.

    With ASIO 2.0 now all the compatible drivers can provide direct hardware monitoring with zero latency and multi application support. The new ASIO Positioning Protocol allows source and destination device to sync with sample accuracy.

    The VST Channel Views Menu now allows the user to select and specify which VST Mixer channels will be visible. The Channel View helps to organize the virtual studio for certain production situations: The number of used VST channels, Submixers, Synth-, Sampler- and Rebirth-Channels. In addition, the Cubase VST/24 Mixer/EQ section includes an extension with 5 new real-time processing modules - Compressor, Limiter, Auto Gate, Auto Limit and a Soft Clip. To make the virtual studio environment even more user-friendly, a number of VST elements can now be controlled remotely via external devices such as the Yamaha 01-V.

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