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  • CDS Announces LanBox-LCL Lighting Controller

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    CDS advanced technology bv announces the release of the LanBox-LCL, the limited version of the LanBox-LC, a full-fledged DMX-512 controller for only DG475, (about US$250), that will bring lighting control to the entry level market.

    The LanBox-LCL is a 250 channel DMX lighting controller with a built in sequencer and transition manager. Lighting programs can be activated through MIDI, serial port and LocalTalk. The LanBox-LC is used by MIDI artists (musicians, theater acts and sound engineers), alternative lighting professionals, theme parks (yes, They use it), magicians, and many other creative minds all over the world.

    The LanBox-LCL is the same as its big brother, the LanBox-LC, but for one feature: it cannot store its scenes permanently. Cross-fades, build-in sequencer, complete MIDI support, 20 frames per second, bundled software, all the other features are all there.

    The absence of the 'permanent store' option means that the limited version cannot work stand-alone, scenes need to be reloaded each time after startup and the number of available scenes is reduced to 250 (for 250 DMX channels), 400 (for 150 DMX channels) or 1050 (for 50 DMX channels).

    The LanBox-LCL is perfect for use in a MIDI environment where direct control of DMX channels is mostly used. Anywhere where DMX lighting control is needed at rock bottom price, you can find the LanBox-LCL.

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