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  • ASTRA Universe Sample CD-ROM Released

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    Sound Engineering, a leader in sound and sample design since 1991, is proud to announce the availability of "The ASTRA Universe", a CD-ROM sample set from one of the world's most talented soundware engineers, Brian Cowell of Australia. The ASTRA Universe is targeted for cross platform playback on computer based sample playback engines, as well as any sampler that has WAV, AIFF, or SDII compatbility.

    "Brian has brought his K-2000 expertise to the masses with these sounds," said Noam Sane, head Gizmologist. "With the customer's own programming applied to Brian's clean, carefully looped custom samples, this package is an thorough winner. The great part is, I can use this package on Unity from Bitheadz, Ensoniq ASR-X, or Stella from Koblo."

    The ASTRA Universe has over 80 new sounds in this disk set, plus, once new users get the Astra Collection, new sounds that use the waveforms will be made available on the Sound Engineering website that support computer based sample playback engines. The ASTRA Universe is priced at just $39.95 (USD), plus worldwide shipping.

    Sound Engineering has been a leading sound design firm since 1991. Offering intense support for Ensoniq, AKAI, Kurzweil, Roland, Oberheim, Sequential, Yamaha, and Peavey products, it offers a full line of synth patches, sampler floppies, and CD-ROMs.


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