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  • 24-bit/96 kHz ASIO Drivers for DIGI96 Card

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    The DIGI96
    All users of RME's well known digital audio card series DIGI96 (previously sold in North America under the SEK'D brand, although not all SEK'D cards are made by RME) are invited to download driver version 2.5 from http://www.rme-audio.com/english. This Windows 95/98 driver includes a new ASIO version ( which brings 24-bit/96 kHz ASIO support plus several enhancements like automatic SPDIF/ADAT configuration and support for the DIGI96 card. With this release, all cards of the DIGI96 series have complete ASIO support. Furthermore it's now possible to switch to MME-based programs like WaveLab without having to exit Cubase/ASIO.

    Besides ASIO, the Windows MME driver also includes many enhancements. The settings dialog is directly accessible through the systray (no need to struggle with the device manager anymore), and shows the settings of all DIGI96 series cards installed in the system. Each card gets its own sheet and number. An additional sheet called ASIO allows to choose the bit resolution and latency in ASIO mode.

    Since driver version 2.1, the DIGI96 series has supported Direct Sound (DirectX). This allows a super low latency operation with realtime software synthesizers, like Gigasampler, Rebirth or Generator. RME's DIGI96 series is the world's first professional digital audio card including Direct Sound support.

    Also new is the WCM (Word Clock Module), a small companion board to RME's DIGI96/8 PRO, which adds a word clock input and output to this powerful digital interface card. Both connectors are BNC jacks, so there's no trouble with adapters. The module includes a low jitter optimized PLL for a reliable reconstruction of the audio clock signal, a low impedance output and a complete word clock generator, useable as master clock or for test and check purposes. The WCM is connected to the DIGI96/8 PRO using two supplied cables. The drivers of the DIGI96/8 PRO are already prepared for an operation with the WCM. LED's for power, test mode and LOCK plus the highly integrated concept of installation, first operation and usage result in an easy and uncomplicated handling.

    Manufacturer suggested retail price for the WCM: 199 DM (102 EUR).

    RME is looking for distributors in the Canada and US area for the DIGI96 series of digital interface cards, the ADI series of AD/DA converters, and the DAM-1, the unique digital audio monitor.

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