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    Sadowsky Does Strings

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    Sadowsky Strings SBS45B

    With 30 years of designing and building instruments under his belt, Roger Sadowsky now tackles an integral part of getting the best tone out of those instruments - the strings.

    Created by Sadowsky in collaboration with Richard Cocco of E.O. Mari, Inc., the electric bass, electric guitar and acoustic guitar strings are available in a variety of gauges and materials to suit different tastes and playing styles.

    Featuring a hex core for added reliability in combination with a slinky, playable feel, Sadowsky Electric Guitar Strings are available in Regular Nickel roundwound for a brighter, sparkling tone; Pure Nickel roundwound for a warmer, more full-bodied "jazz" sound, and Flatwound. Sadowsky is also collaborating with Jimmy Bruno on a unique new "polished roundwound" guitar string offering the best of both formats. All guitar strings are available in popular gauge sizes.

    Sadowsky Electric Bass strings for 4- and 5-string instruments are available in Stainless Steel roundwound (light and standard weights) for those who prefer a brighter, more highly defined sound; the new Bright Nickel strings, darker overall yet still bright enough to cut through the mix, and the new Flatwound bass strings.

    Sadowsky Acoustic Guitar strings are available in Phosphor Bronze which feature a warm tone and hex core for long string life, along with the brighter-sounding 80/20 Bronze strings, also featuring a hex core and supple playing tension.

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