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    New Stainless Chromium Strings from Vinci

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    In 1953 Vinci taught the world how to make strings by inventing the modern mechanical string-winding machine. This machine is used by virtually all string manufacturers today. Vinci Strings has been an innovating string maker for 50 years and for their Golden Anniversary, the company is introducing their Stainless Chromium series electric guitar strings.

    The Stainless Chromium series provides a brighter, punchier, more cutting edge tone, hold tuning longer, and last longer.

    All Vinci Strings are packaged with the Fresh Lock packaging. This ensures that every package of Vinci Strings is as new and fresh as when it was made. Strings start corroding the day they are manufactured. By packaging them in a hermetically sealed foil envelope, the corrosion process is mitigated. Other strings continue to corrode in standard packaging resulting in less life, decreased brightness, and a duller overall tone over a shorter period of time.

    The Stainless Chromium series strings come in four custom-gauged sets to fit the particular needs of each player.

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