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  • Native Instruments Introduces SESSION STRINGS PRO

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    Native Instruments has just introduced SESSION  STRINGS PRO, a significantly extended version of the acclaimed SESSION  STRINGS instrument. Based on Native Instruments' latest sampling  technology and usable in KONTAKT or the free KONTAKT PLAYER, SESSION  STRINGS PRO recreates a contemporary string section with maximum  fidelity and versatility, and lends itself to sophisticated pop and  dance productions across a wide variety of styles.


    Produced by sampling expert Thomas Koritke of e-instruments and based on  nearly 50 GB of samples, SESSION STRINGS PRO vastly expands on the  original SESSION STRINGS library in every aspect of quality, flexibility  and workflow. It is based on four separately captured 11-piece  ensembles, representing contemporary and traditional instrument  placements, and recorded in two different microphone positions each. The  addition of true release samples and twice the amount of "round-robin"  variation samples further enhance the sonic authenticity of the  instrument, while the new bow noise parameter provides additional  control over the sound.


    The powerful Animator, based on the unique KSP scripting technology in  KONTAKT, is now fully customizable in SESSION STRINGS PRO, allowing  users to easily create individual rhythmical phrases with perfect timing  and consistency. Twenty-nine specific articulations with up to four  velocity layers provide the full expressiveness of a typical string  section - with additional staccato, spiccato and glissando types as well  as completely new trill articulations. Separate production and  performance presets accommodate both studio and live usage of SESSION  STRINGS PRO in the most efficient and convenient way. Furthermore, the  violin, viola, cello and bass sections can now be played individually,  allowing for significantly more varied and sophisticated string  arrangement techniques.


    SESSION STRINGS PRO is now available for a suggested price of $339 / 299  EUR from authorized dealers and in the NI Online Shop. An upgrade for  owners of SESSION STRINGS is available $229 / 199 EUR.

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