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    John 5's New Strings

    By HC News |

    John 5’s New Artist Series Strings Debut From Dean Markley




    Dean Markley USA announces the new John 5 artist series set of electric guitar strings. The nickel plated strings feature his personal favorite 9-42 gauges. From screaming distortion to clean bell-like tones, these strings deliver for John. As he states, “I feel very confident knowing I have Dean Markley strings on my guitar.” The new line is now available through authorized local retailers, distributors, and at john-5.com.

    The Dean Markley nickel plated strings are hand crafted in the USA with a core that adds more mass for greater sustain and has a unique core to wrap ratio that creates the playing, tone, and durability preferred by professional guitarists around the world. This best-selling design and commitment to quality has consistently generated accolades from players, dealers, and distributors year after year.

    John’s career started with artists such as Lita Ford, K.D. Lang, Rob Halford, and David Lee Roth. Since then he has collaborated with artists such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ricky Martin, Rod Stewart and Sebastian Bach. John won over Marilyn Manson in an audition for lead guitar and was accepted into the band where he gained the moniker John 5. In 2004 he embarked on a successful solo career and has since released seven studio albums. In 2006 John 5 teamed up with another iconic artist Rob Zombie resulting in international tours, studio albums, and even scoring the Rob Zombie film, The Lords of Salem. When he’s not touring or recording with Rob Zombie, John 5 continues to branch out in his solo and collaborative careers while striving to break new ground with each new effort.

    For more information on Dean Markley strings, please visit www.deanmarkley.com

    To learn more about John 5, please visit www.john-5.com


    About Dean Markley USA

    Established in 1972, Dean Markley USA is recognized as an innovator and leader in the world of musical instrument strings. Over the years, the company has expanded its product line to include guitar amplifiers, pickups and accessories. Celebrated by retailers for their sales performance and endorsed by an elite caliber of musicians, Dean Markley products are the smart choice. www.DeanMarkley.com

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