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  • GHS Strings Introduce BEAD Tuned Bass Boomers

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    GHS Strings Introduce BEAD Tuned Bass Boomers


    Battle Creek, MI, 30th May 2017 – GHS Strings are delighted to introduce the BEAD Tuned Bass Boomers, for players looking for the added range of a low B string, but who don’t want to play a 5-string bass.


    Until now, players of 4-string basses who wanted a low B string had to either purchase separate, individual strings or a 5-string set and throw away the G string.


    With the GHS BEAD Tuned Bass Boomers, players of 4-string basses can now buy exactly what they want without all the hassle. These bass string sets provide exactly what players of Bass Boomers have come to expect; deep low end with a midrange crunch that cuts through a band mix.


    The BEAD Tuned Bass Boomers are available in Medium Light, Medium and Heavy. They come in the 37.25” winding length. To find out more please go to http://www.ghsstrings.com/products/19714-bead-tuned-bass-boomers?category_id=1964722-bass-boomers.


    Please note, these sets are optimized for BEAD tuning on a 4-string bass and should not be tuned up to standard EADG tuning.


    To find more about GHS and its products please visit http://www.ghsstrings.com/


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