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    Audio Impressions' Showcases DVZ-Powered Realtime Instruments Strings Sample Library

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    Ai's patented* DVZ™ process, developed by award winning composer Christopher L. Stone, allows composers to precisely duplicate the actual note divisions that exist within a live orchestral performance with no more effort than simply playing it on a keyboard. Ai's patented DVZ™ process automatically allocates notes to players - in real time. Instruments no longer multiply with every note added - thereby sounding like an organ - as occurs with conventional non-divisi methods. By allowing composers to write with samples that finally do what real musicians do, DVZ greatly increases workflow and eliminates the "guesswork" from composing for live orchestra. (*U.S. Patent No 7,109,406)

    According to Carl Marinoff, Ai's Marketing Director, Stone painstakingly recorded each string of each instrument discretely. This allows complete control over string voicings, playing styles and articulations in real-time without loading or unloading samples; proper hand positions are automatic and you can force Sul II, III and IV positions as well. Choose from 1 to 70 players for "real world" orchestral balances: 18 Violins I, 16 Violins II, 14 Violas, 12 Celli and 10 Basses. Designed to support future notational software enhancements, slurs as well as any articulation will be automatically transcribed with perfect accuracy into your preferred notation software using Ai's Reatime Instruments™ Strings metadata process.

    Another first for Ai is their patent pending Ai SPACE™ microphone bleed simulator. This innovation allows for continuously variable room size as well as individual player placement on their "virtual soundstage," with instantly switchable output to full surround sound - from 7.1, 5.1, Stereo down to Mono - no remixing required. This is not a convolution reverb algorithm. Instead, SPACE literally simulates multiple open mics on the scoring stage for completely realistic played-together ensemble recordings.

    Audio Impressions DVZ-Powered Realtime-Strings library is ideal for anyone using computers to create film or TV scores, mock-ups, live theatrical or stage performances and for music education.

    Audio Impressions will be exhibiting their DVZ Realtime Strings in Booth 206 at the Summer NAMM Show in Austin TX.

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