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  • Audio Impressions Releases 70 DVZ Strings, the Most Innovative String Library Ever Created.

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    • Incredibly easy to use - You can control everything, in real time, from a single window.
    • 70 strings (34 violins, 14 violas, 12 celli, 10 basses).
    • Sounds amazing - Recorded in London at Lansdowne studios with Stradivari and Guarneri instruments.
    • 5 MIDI tracks - Each string section gets a single dedicated MIDI track.
    • Scalable from a solo instrument, string quartet, up to a 70 piece string orchestra.
    • With SPACE, there is no complex panning, bussing or routing in your mixer or DAW. You can place each string desk anywhere in the room.

    Audio Impressions, Inc. has officially released their 70 DVZ Strings orchestral sample library.

    Film and TV score composer Christopher L. Stone was tired of interrupting his creative workflow to search through deep file menus, find the sounds he needed, then wait an eternity for them to load. He decided to start working on Audio Impressions' technology in 2002. He brought in his friend, Gary D. Davis, and together they developed DVZ and SPACE revolutionnary concepts.

    70 DVZ Strings is a library designed for ultimate speed and versatility. As Chris Stone puts it, "I designed 70 DVZ Strings to be the sports car of string libraries, to respond instantly to subtle input and go from 0 to 70 players in under six seconds.
    70 DVZ Strings INNOVATIONS
    ·         70 DVZ Strings sounds superbly realistic. Seventy independently selectable strings: 18 Violins I, 16 Violins II, 14 Violas, 12 Celli, and 10 Basses were recorded with vintage tube mics at Lansdowne Studios with Stradivari and Guarneri instruments all played by London's finest musicians. The library was originally recorded at 192 kHz and is shipped at 48 kHz, 24-bit depth, making it perfect for film work. Each desk was recorded using unique instruments with unique mic placements.
    ·         You can change sound on-the-fly by controlling the GUI as you play. Instead of being limited to whatever samples you've preloaded, 70 DVZ Strings allows you to modify the sound as you play and get infinitely different sounds through any combination of touch screen, keyswitch, MIDI CCs, and key velocity control as well as player placement in our SPACE mic-bleed simulator.
    ·         70 DVZ Strings provides true, real-time divisi - splitting up notes and allocating notes between sections and among players in each section as more notes are added instead of doubling up the same samples as has been done for the last 30 years. 70 DVZ Strings gives you 70 players divided into 5 sections and 32 desks. The library sounds realistic because our patented DVZ software automatically allocates the notes to the proper players in real time exactly as it would occur with a real string orchestra.
    ·         SPACE gives you infinite control over player placement in the virtual room. You have continuous control over spot-to-room mic balances rather than having a handful of fixed mic positions. This is ideal for matching 70 DVZ Strings to live recordings.
    ·         Go from a large scoring stage to an intimate room continuously.
    ·         SPACE eliminates complex panning and bussing in your mixer or DAW.
    ·         SPACE eliminates that overdubbed sound.
    ·         The DVZ Core Engine gives you a custom, single GUI that runs within Kontakt player (included with the library) so you never have to work directly in Kontakt. DVZ controls 70 DVZ Strings' 32 independent string libraries simultaneously on one sampler with a single GUI.
    ·         DVZ also gives you complete control of any possible playing style in real-time as you play. You can still use post edits if you wish.
    ·         DVZ's five virtual keyboards on the GUI display what's happening with the notes as they are allocated to the various sections as you play. You can change the DVZ split relationships should you desire to do so.
    ·         DVZ can be controlled by touch screen, mouse, keyswitch controller and/or MIDI CCs.
    ·         No need to spend weeks creating a template with all the samples. The control is at your fingertips right from the start, the first time you load up the library.
    ·         Our patented DVZ technology allows 70 DVZ Strings to have a much smaller footprint than a conventional sample library without compromising sound quality or control. Each sound is split into short tones and long tones so that only the needed part of the sound is loaded - a synergy of power and efficiency. There's no need to waste time switching between terabytes of pre-recorded licks and phrases. You can morph between legato through marcato in a single continuous controller or you can use the factory patch change presets to move from one articulation and style to the next.
    ·         Your orchestrator's job has now become much easier. You no longer need to translate dozens of MIDI tracks with irrelevant data into playable parts; it's all right there in the five MIDI tracks you set up on your sequencer. This makes 70 DVZ Strings the obvious choice for music educators around the world.
    ·         70 DVZ Strings can be used in the studio or live on stage without a sequencer. Never before has there been a string library that can do this with the same degree of sonic control. It is the ultimate live performance tool.
    ·         AudioPort Universal, in conjunction with ipMIDI or MolCp3, allows all audio and MIDI data to flow over an inexpensive Ethernet cable at half the cost of competing products.
    ·         Stability - because it streams 32 discrete string desks at once, 70 DVZ Stringsstresses the CPU 32 times more than any conventional library. Isolating 70 DVZ Strings to its own dedicated computer ensures there's always ample CPU power no matter how many notes you play.
    ·         Because DVZ deals with only five MIDI tracks, interchanging projects with others is much easier. E-mail five MIDI tracks and the small DVZ session file to anyone in the world using 70 DVZ Strings and it's instantly playable - regardless of their sequencer! This makes co-writing between composers a breeze.

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