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  • Sometimes You Want To Set Some Limits

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    The ADL Opus-3 Discrete Optical attenuator compressor / limiter, is a close cousin to our renowned ADL vacuum tube 1000 and 1500 units.  

    The Opus-3 is an all discrete solid-state design commonly referred to as a fixed gain circuit. The heart of the Opus-3 is our custom, hand-matched optical attenuator - the same one found in our 1000 mono and 1500 stereo limiters.  Hand matching components allows us to create a unique soft knee compression characteristic of the ADL brand. Although time consuming, choosing identical parts results in consistency and reliability for our valued clients, engineers, and producers.


    The Opus-3 has many practical applications, allowing engineers and record producers flexibility in the studio.  From tracking, mixing, vocals, instruments, stereo buss, and live concert sound reinforcement to film and broadcast work.


    The ADL Opus-3 Limiter and accessories are now available:


    ADL   Opus--3  Limiter.............................$1,195 MAP
    ADL   Opus--3  Limiter...Stereo pair..........$2,195 MAP
    ADL   Opus--3 Stereo Rack Kit.....................$125 MAP


    Anthony Demaria Labs also announces another recent addition to its line of all-tube audio equipment: the ADL 1700 Liquid MU Peak Compressor/Limiter.


    The new 1700 employs an all discrete tube design
    inspired by classic processors including the Fairchild 670, UA 175-B, and UA 177 limiters. From there, DeMaria updates the vintage influence with key new features that add flexibility -- unlike an opto limiter, the ADL 1700 uniquely reduces the Mu or gain as the input signal is increased.


    Versatility is a hallmark of Anthony DeMaria's latest creation. The ADL 1700 Liquid MU Peak Compressor/Limiter has myriad practical applications in the recording studio, including tracking and mixing vocals and instruments, plus sweetening the stereo buss. It is also a highly useful tool for live concert sound reinforcement, as well as film and broadcast mixing.


    Handcrafted in the USA, the ADL 1700 features an all discrete tube design, transformer in/out, 90Hz high pass filter switch, bypass switch, heavy-duty chassis, and more. 


    The ADL 1700 Liquid MU Peak Compressor/Limiter is available now for $2650 MAP. 


    Click to read a review of the ADL Liquid MU unit. 






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