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  • Puremagnetik Releases Two Free Plugins Inspired By Tape, Microsound And Experimental Music

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    Puremagnetik Releases Two Free Plugins Inspired by Tape, Microsound and Experimental Music
    Expanse - Texture Generator
    Expanse is a texture generator that can be spectrally blurred, pitched, and filtered. Expanse creates filtered noise and layers a pitch shifted replica on top of itself. The processed layer undergoes spectral blurring and freezing to create interweaving layers of sound. Expanse is a simple yet versatile tool that can produce sweeping backdrops, resonating low drones and many other textural canvases. 
    Driftmaker - Delay Disintegration Device 
    Drifmaker parses incoming audio to a user defined buffer. It then lifts segments from the recorded material, granularly time-stretches segments, all the while adding analog deterioration effects to the signal. Depending on what you feed it, Driftmaker is capable of creating everything from glitchy echoes to long, drawn-out ambiences.
    Minimum Requirements
    • OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
    • Audio Units or VST compatible audio host





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