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    Introducing Grooove BPB - Free Drum Sampler (VST/AU)

    By HC News |


    Introducing Grooove BPB - Free Drum Sampler (VST/AU)




    BPB proudly presents Grooove BPB, a freeware drum sampler in VST2, VST3 and AU plugin formats for PC and Mac, crafted by brunsandspork. Grooove BPB is based on the full version of Grooove and is released as a Christmas gift for all BPB readers!


    Grooove BPB is a virtual drum sampler instrument, based on the excellent Grooove plugin by brunsandspork. This brilliant drum sampler puts an emphasis on playability and expressiveness, making sampled drums sound as dynamic and life-like as possible with easily accessible modulation controls.



    • Unique 'dualistic' Sound Engine allows for setting two velocity-dependent variations per sound
    • 14 drum kits and 150 drum samples built-in, expandable with external samples
    • 6 dual drum pads, capable of holding up to 2 samples simultaneously
    • 11 velocity controlled sound parameters per drum pad
    • 3 stereo audio outputs including mini mixer
    • 2 LFOs
    • Compatible with Mac OS X and Windows, 32-bit and 64-bit
    • Standalone, VST2, VST3, AU



    Product page: http://bedroomproducersblog.com/grooove-bpb/

    YouTube video:






    Sample Editor



    Modulation Panel





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    My Antivirus software detected Malware in the free application installation file. I decided against installing the application. Just an FYI for anyone interested in getting the Grooove BPB software.

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    After hearing from the Groove BPB people, who commented on my post, everything is fine. They have verified that the file is clean, and I have verified for myself that the install no longer has Norton Security Suite crying wolf. If my post caused you to pass on the download, please download it and give the application a try. These guys are legit, and want to make sure you have a good experience with the software they produce. I have had communication with the guys and reinstalled the application with  no issues. Thanks, dewmeister

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