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    Fostex Introduces Limited Edition 5th Anniversary TH-900mk2 Sapphire Blue Audiophile Headphones At NAMM

    By HC News |

    Fostex Introduces Limited Edition 5th Anniversary TH-900mk2 Sapphire Blue Audiophile Headphones at NAMM


    Limited Edition Headphones Bring a Stunning Appearance to an Exceptional Listening Experience
    Fostex’s New TH-900mk2 Audiophile Headphones


    In late 2012, Fostex launched what would become its flagship premium audiophile headphone: the TH-900. A closed-back headphone with a unique biocellulose (bio-dynamic) driver design and a whopping 1.5 tesla magnetic circuit, the TH-900 pushed the boundaries of what was possible with a high-end headphone, becoming a go-to choice among the ranks of discerning enthusiasts.

    For 2018, Fostex celebrates the 5th anniversary of its TH-900 series with a limited-edition TH-900mk2. Finished with the same Urushi lacquer as the original TH-900 but in a deep “Sapphire Blue”, this is a headphone that’s bound to turn heads. This 5th anniversary edition has been specially-tuned with a limited-edition exclusive Fostex-approved tuning for an enhanced listening experience.  As an “mk2” version, it also features the newly-implemented detachable connector that conveniently fits standard unbalanced connections and may be upgraded for balanced connections with a variety of different cables. This version will also include a lmited-edition 5th anniversary headphone stand.

    The craftsmanship that goes into finishing the TH-900mk2’s wooden cups is legendary in its own right, and largely responsible for its stunning looks. The TH-900mk2’s Japanese cherry birch cups are emblazoned with silver foil and finished in Japanese “Urushi” lacquer, derived from the sap of a poison oak tree, in a centuries-old process practiced by only a handful of artisans in Japan. This gives these beautiful headphones their distinctive, miles-deep finish.

    The Fostex TH-900mk2 5th Anniversary Limited Edition Sapphire Blue will be available in the United States for Q2 2018, at a price to be announced. For more information on pre-orders, please contact an authorized Fostex dealer.

    See and hear these great new headphones at American Music and Sound’s Booth 11110, Hall A.
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