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  • Vienna Symphonic Library presents new vocal libraries at Winter NAMM 2015

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    Vienna Solo Voices and Vienna Whistler

    Vienna Symphonic Library presents new vocal libraries at Winter NAMM 2015

    Anaheim/Vienna, January 21, 2015 – At this year’s Winter NAMM show the Austrian company presents their latest vocal libraries Vienna Solo Voices and Vienna Whistler. Additionally, visitors will have the opportunity to test-drive Vienna’s software products and listen to the entire arsenal of virtual orchestral instruments in various acoustic spaces and settings. The presentation stage is hosted by Vienna’s American distributor, ILIO, at booth #6724 in Hall A of the Anaheim Convention Center.

    Expressiveness of the Human Voice

    Vienna Solo Voices covers the complete range of the human voice with four female voices (coloratura soprano, soprano, mezzo soprano, alto) and three male voices (tenor, baritone, bass). The Full Library comes with over 55,000 samples and includes staccatos, sustains and legato performances of the vowels “A” (aah) and “U” (ooh) in four dynamic levels as well as various staccato repetitions (such as “ta”, “pa”, “ra”, “sa” etc.), sforzatos, crescendos, diminuendos, trills and glissandos. A special introductory price ($430 for the Full Library, normally $540) is available through January 31, 2015.

    Vienna Whistler is a single instrument available for just $61 and features whistled single notes in various lengths and articulations (staccato, portato, looped sustains), with and without vibrato, legato performances, portamentos, repetitions and even trills, bends and falls that deliver unprecedented realism. Both vocal products are powered by Vienna’s award winning proprietary Vienna Instruments/Vienna Instruments PRO sample player.

    Bundle Savings and new Complementary Discounts

    The new Voices Complete bundle includes both new vocal products as well as the previously existing Vienna Choir and Soprano Choir at a special bundle price. What’s more, with the company’s new complementary discount system, existing users of Vienna Choir and/or Soprano Choir will get a credit for their registered products when purchasing Voices Complete. The new complementary discount system applies to all Bundles, including the popular Vienna Special Edition Bundles and the Vienna Software Package. Users who have already purchased and registered one or more Collections may complete the corresponding bundle at a discounted rate. The same principle works for Collections that include separately available instruments and ensembles.

    Live Presentations and Clinics in Southern California

    Along with the new vocal products the Austrian company will showcase their entire palette of virtual orchestral instruments and software products at NAMM 2015, January 22-25. The presentation stage is hosted by Vienna’s American distributor, ILIO, at booth #6724 in Hall A of the Anaheim Convention Center. Two additional clinics will provide a more detailed insight into the company’s latest product developments. Existing and prospective users will have a great opportunity to discuss personal solutions for their studio set-up and workflow. The clinics are scheduled for January 27, 7 pm at Westlake Pro in North Hollywood, and for January 28, 7 pm at ILIO in Westlake Village. Attendance is free of charge, but registration is required at  rsvp@ilio.com.


    About the Vienna Symphonic Library

    The Vienna Symphonic Library is an innovative, research-driven music software and sample library developer based in Vienna, Austria. Vienna Instruments, the company’s multi-award-winning virtual instruments encompass an exhaustive range of solo instruments and ensembles. Vienna Instruments PRO is the most powerful software sample player on the market, providing Auto Humanization, Polyphonic Legato, Enveloped Time Stretching, Adjustable Tuning Scales as well as an internal Auto-Playback and Pattern Sequencer. Vienna MIR PRO and Vienna MIR PRO 24 are network-capable mixing and reverberation solutions for Macs and PCs, based on Multi-Impulse Response convolution. Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 is a universal mixing-host for stand-alone and cross-platform network applications with full parameter automation and 3rd party plug-in support. The Vienna Suite audio plug-ins encompass eleven high-end mixing and mastering tools, More information on the company’s products can be found at  www.vsl.co.at and at  www.ilio.com.


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