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  • Yamaha UX256 USB MIDI Interface

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    Yamaha Corporation of America, Pro Audio & Combo Division, introduces the high performance UX256 USB-MIDI Interface, the essential element for any USB computer-based music production system, at Summer NAMM 2000. This single 1U half-rack space unit, capable of controlling up to an incredible 256 channels of MIDI, utilizes the latest USB (Universal Serial Bus) technology, the new standard for interfacing peripheral devices to personal computers. USB enables the high-speed transfer of audio, video, and other data via a single cable. The cross-platform UX256, which comes bundled with dedicated software drivers for USB-equipped PC (Windows98 or higher) and Macintosh (G3, G4, or iMac) platforms, carries a retail price of $299 and is currently available.

    "The UX256 is well-positioned to take advantage of the rapidly growing market for USB-MIDI interfaces," notes Athan Billias, marketing manager, Digital Musical Instruments. "Its ease of use and the large number of MIDI channels make it a perfect addition to any computer based music production environment."

    The UX256 allows sophisticated control of multiple MIDI devices and high-end, multi-port sequencing software. Six MIDI IN and OUT connectors, plus two serial (TO TG) ports-each capable of handling five MIDI OUTs and one MIDI IN, result in a total of 16 MIDI OUTs (each allowing up to 16 channels of control) for a total of 256. This is currently the largest number of channels available on a single USB-MIDI interface.

    In addition to PC and Macintosh drivers, the bundled CD-ROM includes MIDI THRU and Merge capabilities, and allows any of the MIDI connections to be easily rerouted in software without physically plugging and unplugging any cables. The UX256 is powered by its own AC adapter, minimizing the load on the computer's power supply and ensuring stable operation of both the UX256 and other peripherals connected to the host computer's USB port.

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