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  • WaMi Rack 24 Audio/MIDI Interface from EGO SYS

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    EgoSys WaMi Rack 24
    (Click for a close-up)

    The WaMi Rack 24, from Korea's EgoSys, occupies a single 1U rack space and sports 4 analog inputs, eight analog outputs, S/PDIF Digital I/O & Word Clock I/O, and acts as a 4 in/4 out MIDI interface with SMPTE. Compatible with major Sequencer packages, it offers 24 bit digital audio recording from analog and digital (coaxial or optical) sources.

    WaMi Rack's 4 in/4 out MIDI interface provides 64 MIDI channels, which means you can assign a unique MIDI channel to 64 different MIDI instruments. 4 MIDI inputs allow a wide selection of MIDI controllers easy access to system exclusive messages, without the constant re-shuffling of MIDI cables and patch bays. With BNC connectors for word clock, WaMi Rack's SMPTE interface will give you frame-accurate synchronization with any tape based storage device. The SMPTE interface has a variety of applications in virtually all post-production work, whether you need to sync to MTR, VTR or film, or simply to other MIDI equipped devices. The WaMi Rack offers sample accurate digital transfers from any digital device, and locks your PC's audio programs to other digital devices (such as digital mixers) at the word clock level.

    The WaMi Rack also provides 4 channels of Mic Preamps, with phantom power.


    • 24 Bit A/D D/A Convertors : 120dB Dynamic Range
    • 4 Analog Inputs & 8 Analog Outputs : +4dBu Balanced/Unbalanced 1/4 (tip ring sleeve) phone jack
    • S/PDIF Digital I/O (Electrical & Optical) : Up to 24bit resolution.
    • Normal Fs or 256 Fs (Super clock) Format Word Clock I/O for External Sync
    • Supports multiple Sample Rate : 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
    • Real-time hardware sample rate converter
    • Full Duplex - simultaneous Record / Playback
    • Uses 32 Bit PCI slot : PCI Bus-Mastering support
    • Full LED Display : 8 Audio Signal LED meters
    • Signal to Noise ratio (D/A) : 120dB
    • Frequency Response: 10Hz -22kHz
    • 4 channel Mic pre with 12V Phantom Power. Mic gain is controlled digitally.
    • 4 Port In / 4 Port Out, 64 Channel MIDI Interface
    • SMPTE : Read & Write all formats of SMPTE Incl. 24, 25, 29.97, 30 Drop and Non-drop
    • SMPTE Desk Viewer & Generator software for Studio use
    • Power On MIDI Thru function
    • Full LED Display : 8 large Activity Indicators
    • Compatible with all Major software
    • Advanced EGO-SYS ASIC technology
    • Microsoft Windows 95/98 MME DirectSound, ASIO 2.0 Driver, GS I/F (Gigasampler v 1.6), EASI Driver

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